Raleigh’s Warehouse District: A tale of two Dillons

Originally published in Indy Week on June 19, 2015

Yesterday, Raleigh real estate and development blog Capital Compass shared a rendering from Kane Realty of developer John Kane’s vision for the Dillon Supply building and nearby parcels of land in downtown Raleigh’s Warehouse District:
Kane Realty

Looks pretty snazzy, right?

Today, Art Howard, a photographer and Warehouse District resident, sent the INDY another set of renderings of how the building could turn out, based on the conditions Kane has submitted to the City:
Art Howard

They look quite a bit different.

“(Kane’s) rendering shows things that he does not say in his conditions,” Howard wrote in an email. “He says he will only attempt to save the wall on Martin Street. The Harrington Street wall, with the sign, is slated to be torn down. The image he sent is just a PR move to make people feel good before the Council vote.”

Howard points to the new Charter Square building on East Lenoir Street as an example of how a design can change from the PR stage to the building stage. Here’s a 2007 rendering of Charter Square:
Dominion Realty

And here’s what the building looks like now:
New Raleigh

The City Council will hold a public hearing on the Dillon rezoning July 7.

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