North Hills


The North Hills redevelopment is a complete urban rebirth of the area where the first two-story mall between Washington, DC and Atlanta once stood. Located in Raleigh, NC, adjacent to the I-440 Beltline and astride Six Forks Road, North Hills attracted over 8.4 million visitors last year. North Hills, described as the core of Raleigh’s Midtown, is strategically placed amongst the most affluent zip codes in the city, and is also easily accessible from the interstate as a regional destination. People are drawn to North Hills because this flourishing mixed-use development is home to almost every need and want. The regional press has called North Hills “Raleigh’s version of Madison Avenue.” The one hundred acres of North Hills tempts visitors with sophisticated living, four-star hotel rooms, class A office space, green and park space, entertainment venues, premier dining establishments, high-end boutiques, national retail, coffee shops, and a state-of-the-art 65,000 square foot gym. North Hills is a successful and thriving pedestrian-friendly district.


In 2000, the deteriorating North Hills Raleigh mall caught the eye of Kane Realty Corporation, and the idea of redevelopment (or more accurately, complete metamorphosis) of North Hills was born. The entire mall was razed with the exception of one anchor and a multi-level parking deck. Today, the land that was lost is found again – built in 1967 as the “first two-story mall” between Washington, DC and Atlanta – and is the cornerstone of a second round of visionary innovation. The new North Hills, with its eclectic combination of luxury and essential retail, office space, residential, dining, green space and more, has won award after award for its imaginative mixed-use development. Today visitors find an entire palette of mixed-use locales and natural gathering places. North Hills has successfully transformed itself into a shopping mecca that attracts visitors from across the region. Innovative smart growth and neo-urbanism principles have all worked together to create an integrated shopping experience that successfully improves the quality of life for everyone involved.

And for those who call North Hills home, whether they are residents, businesses, neighbors or visitors, the change is an undeniably welcome one. The result is a well-conceived, pedestrian-friendly community where attention to detail is a major priority. Offices and residences sit above retail with covered parking concealed from view. Attractive architecture, creative landscaping, innovative design and lighting combined to create beautiful streetscapes. Car keys are traded for comfortable shoes, and grabbing a bite to eat at an outdoor café is now the norm. Welcome to North Hills… a place with a revitalized sense of community.

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