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Kaitlyn Gheen
Commercial Property Specialist
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Kaitlyn is a pivotal member of the Office Towers Property Management team and is responsible for the implementation and administration of all policies and procedures by ensuring all needs are responded to and resolved by the appropriate individual, department, or service.

She is the key on-site support staff for the Tenant Services Coordinators and is the point of contact for service calls, requests, issues, and vendor communications. Kaitlyn also assists with Capital Expense projects, coordinating Fire & Life Safety Testing & Inspections, and various Accounting responsibilities.

Prior to stepping into this role, Kaitlyn was previously the Asset Management Assistant for the Office Towers (2015 – 2019), as well as the Tenant Services Coordinator at CAPTRUST Tower, prior to that.

Kaitlyn has also worked alongside Property Management as a Kane team member in another capacity. She joined Midtown Property Services/Kane Realty Corporation in June of 2013 as a Public Safety Officer with the Public Safety Department. The time Kaitlyn spent with Public Safety introduced her to the property as well as taught her the critical inner workings and behind the scenes operations for the entire North Hills area. As an Officer, Kaitlyn was trained in Fire & Life Safety skills, Emergency Response Preparedness, Motorist Assistance, and Tactical Procedures.

Prior to working for Kane Realty Corporation Kaitlyn spent 7 years entertaining her inner child as a Lead Toddler Teacher and made several 4 & 5 Star Childcare facilities her home within those 7 years, where she molded the minds, hearts, and development of over one hundred 1 year olds along the way. In many ways, Kaitlyn believes that we learn more from children than they learn from us and she is eternally grateful for what they have taught her.

Kaitlyn has two children (Brooke & Walker) and lives with her family in Clayton. Her husband, Jim, is currently serving the City of Raleigh as a member of the Raleigh Police Department in the Southeast District. She is also a proud, former military wife thanks to Jim’s 4 years of service in the United States Marine Corps. Kaitlyn and Jim are High School sweethearts who enjoy spending time together (when they can) by playing board games, introducing their kids to classic movies from their childhood, and spending as much time in the mountains as possible!